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Loader Tires Loader Tires
E-3/L-3, E-4/L-4, L-5













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Choose OTR Tires By Industry

  • Earthmover Tires & Mining Tires
    Earthmover Tires & Mining Tires
    Ortec offers 35 tire sizes under 21 different patterns for a range of mining equipment and earthmovers.
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  • Construction Tires
    Construction Tires
    The Ortec construction range covers a wide range of 14 tire sizes under 11 patterns for construction equipment.
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  • Port Tires
    Port Tires
    Ortec supplies a line of premium quality tires for the most demanding sizes fitted on reach stackers, container handlers, straddle carriers and terminal tractors.
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  • Snow Tires
    Snow Tires
    A selected pattern featuring excellent traction is specially designed for loaders and graders that operate on snowy or icy underfoot.
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Suggested OTR Tires

  • UTR9 UTR9
    UTR9 is a pattern of dump truck tires with excellent load-bearing capacity and traction. All details such as tread base, sidewall, etc. are improved to make it an ideal choice for off-highway dump trucks.
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    As an ADT tire pattern, UTAD3 is specially designed for loaders, articulated dump trucks and graders. E3/ L3 tires are offered with the non-directional tread pattern and extra tough architecture.
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  • NLS3 NLS3
    To meet various needs of applications, the NLS3 bulldozer tyre pattern includes multiple sizes to fit different wheel loaders, dozers, graders and articulated dumpers.
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  • UTS6 UTS6
    UTS6 is a mining truck tire pattern with versatile functions: outstanding traction, prolonged working life, remarkable impact resistance and so on.
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  • RL5NS+ RL5NS+
    RL5NS+ has always excelled in working in poor conditions and offering strong stability due to its extra deep tread depth.
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OTR Tyre Manufacturer - Ortec

Ortec is an OTR tire company and a tire solution provider for construction, surface mining, underground mining, quarries, port, and industrial handling. Based on 20 years' expertise in OTR technology, design, manufacturing, it offers a complete line of tires in both radial and bias construction that withstand the most severe operating condition. 

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