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Features Of Utr9s OTR Tires

  • UTR9S is designed with a non-directional multi-block tread pattern and trapezoid shape longitudinal grooves, which deliver great tractive force and increase its self-cleaning capability:

    • The non-directional multi-block tread pattern delivers exceptional traction;

    • Trapezoid shape longitudinal grooves design is perfectly fit for the applications that requires great self-cleaning capability;

    • The tread blocks are protected from tearing by using a reinforced centerpiece tread belt.

  • The robust carcass and patented bead design enable UTR9S to take on as much as 10 metric ton load:

    • UTR9S is one of the very few E3 patterns in the market that use five layers of steel belts, which provides better resistance to impact and puncture;

    • The robust carcass, with new structure ply cord and lengthened ply cord wrapping-up built in, brings extra load capacity compared with competitors;

    • The bead bundle is designed in semicircle shape, which greatly increases the adhesion, making the bead part stronger and the structure of this type of OTR tyres for sale more stable.

  • Tread base and sidewalls thickened and reinforced for better cut and puncture resistance:

    • UTR9S uses a super thick tread base to enhance its puncture resistance capability;

    • A protection band is built in its specially thickened sidewall to increase its cut resistance. 

Specifications of UTR9S OTR Tires

SizeStar RatingTRA CodeRim Width &FlangeOverall WidthOverall DiameterTread DepthLoad Index/Speed symbolLoading capacity (ton)@20km/hPressure (bar)Type


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