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Knowledge about All Steel Radial Tires

Introduction of all steel radial tires

Radial tires: The carcass ply cords are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees or close to 90 degrees in the tangential direction of the tire circumference, and the pneumatic tire with the carcass tightened by the belt layer. Radial tires can be divided into all steel radialtires, semi steel radial tires and so on. According to the differences of materials,radial tires can be divided into all steel radial tires, semi steel radialtires and all fiber radial tires.

All steel radial tires mainly have the tire crown, tire rim, tire bead, bead wire, carcass ply, steel belt and inner liner. The feature is that the carcass ply close to the upper surface of the inner liner is composed of a cross-laminated double steel wire cord. The double steel wire cord has one more layer of steel wire cord, so the load performance and explosion-proof performance are greatly improved. And thus enhance the safety of the vehicle.

The forming of all steel radial tires: The sidewall, inner liner, steel wire covering, cushion rubber, tire bead, steel belt and tread that meet the design size standards are arranged in accordance with the processing order and positioning of the parts. It also requires precise and symmetrical and tightly assembled processing technology of the green tire to be vulcanized.