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Features Of RL31N OTR Tires

  • Special sidewall design and thickened sidewall for better cut and puncture resistance:

    • A special shoulder design applied to protect the sidewall from rocks and debris, and the sidewall is thickened to minimize damages from cuts;

    • Super thick tread base is applied to increase the puncture resistance.

  • Non-directional, multi-block tread engineered for superior traction and stability

    • The non-directional tread design with big blocks and open shoulder grooves delivers high fore, aft and lateral traction, and superior self-cleaning capability;

    • The ultra-wide tread design and enhanced radial tyre construction design offer improved stability and high flotation.

  • More rubber to be worn and less heat generated:

    • UTL3 is designed with 10% more rubber volume compared with competitors and wear resistant rubber compound is used to increase the wear life;

    • Tread movement is limited so as to decrease the heat generation.

  • Improved impact resistance and extra load capacity enabled by reinforced tire architecture:

    • The high tensile steel belt package built in for better impact and puncture resistance, and robust carcass is designed to deal with frequent twisting in application.

Specifications of RL31N OTR Tires 

SizeStar RatingTRA CodeRimSection widthOverall DiameterTread DepthLoad Index & Speed SymbolType

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