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Elements of Scientific Use of Loader Tyres

1. What should be paid attention to for loader tyres?

Loaders are generally used for transportation in the engineering and construction industry, and the roads they drive are not necessarily what they are. Therefore, the development is fast and the work efficiency is not bad. It has become a standing machine in the construction industry. Today, we will briefly understand what needs to be paid attention to in the daily driving of loader tyres.

Generally, tire sidewalls are relatively fragile. Most scratches, nails or cuts up to 0.5 cm can be repaired as long as the damage is only on the tread.

But if the crack is longer than 0.5 cm, or occurs on the side of the tire, the tire should not be repaired, but replaced as soon as possible. The safest way is to prepare a spare tire in the trunk.

2. Loader tire assembly principle

The tires on the front, rear, left, and right sides of a conventional loader must be reasonably matched, of the same size and specifications, needless to say, must be the same, the structure and tire pattern, and the load must be the same.

In addition, it should be noted that radial tires and bias tires must not be mixed together. Otherwise, individual tires will be severely worn, damaged in advance or even punctured.

In addition, if conditions permit, it is best to change tires in winter or spring, and install them in the specified direction of rotation. The best replacement plan is to replace them all together or symmetrically.

If it is necessary to use old tires together, the wear of the two tires does not exceed 5mm, and the front wheel is the tire that was replaced earlier.

3. Loader tire pressure

The tire pressure of the loader is consistent and normal, the pressure is normal and stable, the bearing capacity is uniform, and the wear is normal. If the pressure is too low, the strength of the tire will decrease, and the deformation will be serious after loading. Not only the tire shoulders are severely worn, but it is also easy to cause the tire to heat up, resulting in cord damage and carcass delamination.

On the contrary, if the air pressure is too high, the result is that the tire hardness is high, the elasticity is low, the cord is broken, the crown of the loader tyre is worn, the load per unit area is increased, and the tire blowout rate is very high in summer. So the tire pressure should be checked regularly.

4. Loader tyres start and stop

Start slowly and start slowly. If the start is too fast, the tires of the loader are worn out, and the braking is also the same. Therefore, according to the road conditions, the exhaust brake should be used more, and the brake should be used less. If there are no special circumstances, emergency braking should be avoided.

5. Loader tyre parking site

This is the details that are easy to ignore. Choose a flat and clean ground, avoid rocks, swimming in the lake, exposure to the sun, freezing water, long-term parking, use brackets, and the tires should reach 90% of the standard air pressure. Carry out cleaning and maintenance to prevent aging.