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How to Choose a Grader Tire?

Ⅰ. Marking of grader tire

Tires are important parts of motor graders. There are many marks on the tires of motor graders. Correctly identifying these marks is very important for the selection, use and maintenance of tires, and is of great significance for ensuring driving safety and prolonging the service life of tires.

Ⅱ. How to choose grader tire?

1. Tire structure

R" means radial tires, "D" and "一" mean bias tires. Others: "XL" means locally reinforced tires, "TG" means engineering tractor and grader tires (for non-highway use), and "NHS" means tires for non-highway use.

2. Layer level of grader tire

Layer level refers to the nominal number of plies in the tire rubber layer, which is not completely consistent with the actual number of plies, and is an important indicator of tire strength. The level is marked in Chinese, such as level 12; and the level is marked in English, such as 14P.R, which means level 14.

3. Rim specifications

Rim specifications indicate the size of the rim that matches the tire. It is convenient for practical use, such as "standard rim 5.00F".

4. The balance mark on the grader tire

The marking shape is made of colored rubber and printed on the sidewall, indicating that the tire is the lightest here. When assembling, it should face the valve directly to ensure the balance of the entire tire.

5. Scrolling direction

The pattern on the grader tire is particularly critical for drainage and anti-skid during driving. Therefore, non-highway vehicle tires with asymmetrical patterns are often equipped with arrow signs to assemble the rolling direction to ensure the designed adhesion and anti-skid performance. If it is installed incorrectly, it will be counterproductive.

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