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How to Quickly Replace the Front Loader Tire?

The tire of the loader often blows out when it is working in hostile construction site such as on the rock. Because the front wheels undertake the load, steering and driving functions and they contact with the ground foreign body first, therefore the tires blow out easily. Due to the large dead weight of the loader tire and the restrictions of the site and tools, it wastes time and energy to replace the front tire on site. We will briefly introduce the methods of replacing the front tire of the loader quickly as below.

Find a flat and open place nearby, press down the boom lifting rod, and then support the side of the flash bridge near the blown parts of the loader tire with a bracket, and wedge the rear wheel well. It must cooperate closely with the driver to avoid personal injury.

Ⅰ. Using crowbars and other tools to disassemble loader tire

Disassemble the retaining ring and lock ring of the loader tires, and then check whether the tire liner is bonded to the outer surface of the rim. The liner may be bonded to the outer surface of the rim due to the tire has been used for a long time. If the upholder can be removed to make the machine reciprocating slowly in a short distance until the liner is separated from the outer surface of the rim. Do not turn or drive at high speed to avoid damaging the inner tube. Then prop up the front wheels again.

Ⅱ. Marking the loader tire

1. Mark the relative position of the inner and outer tires of the loader tires so as to find, remove foreign matter and repair the tires.

2. Use crowbar and other tools to remove the tire from the rim. Pay attention to the following matters: move gently and cooperate to tacit understanding in order to avoid being injured by tire and protect the valve.

3. After the outer tire of the loader tire is punctured by nails and other slender foreign bodies, if there is no obvious wound on the surface or the wound is small, this kind of the tire can continue to be used because the loader tire is a low-pressure tire and the running speed is relatively slow. If the wound is large, it must be repaired because when the machine is running, the tire is squeezed and rubbed, which will damage the inner tube after a long time, the wound will even become bigger and bigger and the inner tube protrudes, causing the tire to be scrapped.

Ⅲ. Methods of installing the inner tube for a new loader tire

If the new loader tires are fitted with inner tubes, the bolts at the bottom of the valve must be tightened to prevent air leakage. Then remove the foreign matter in the inner cavity of the outer tire, and sprinkle with appropriate talcum powder to spread evenly. In order to make the liner closely adhere to the inner and outer tires, the inner tube should be properly inflated after the inner tube is installed, and then the liner should be inserted.

Install the tire on the rim and install the lock ring, stop ring and protect the valve tip protect during installation.

Ⅳ. Using on-board air compressor to inflate the loader tire

Press down the lifting rod of the boom and take out the support. Up to now, the tire has been changed, and the entire process took about 50 minutes.

In the end, we recommend everyone that when replacing the rear tire of the loader tire, we need another loader or other lifting equipment to support and prop up the rear tire, and other procedures are the same as replacing the front tire.