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Features Of NLZ5 OTR Tires

  • The extra deep offset lug tread

    The extra deep offset lug tread offers excellent tractions and enables maximum resistance to puncture and cuts, as well as longer wear life.

  • Bear 20% more load

    The architecture of this China OTR tyre is reinforced to bear 20% more load, and the casing is specially strengthened for better rip-resistance in extreme working conditions.

  • Increase the cut and wear resistance

    Exclusive compounds for mining are applied to increase the cut and wear resistance.

Specifications of NLZ5 OTR Tires

SizePly RatingTRA CodeRimDimensionLoad CapacityInflation PressureTread Depth-mmType
Section width-mmOverall diameter-mm10km/h50km/h10km/h50km/h

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