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The Maintenance of Loader Tires Can Not Be Ignored

Loader tires, like human legs, will move somewhere to work according to the instructions. Therefore, tires are very important. Tires also have limited lifetime, so how to maintain them has become something we should pay attention to. We think that the maintenance of loader tires can't be ignored! Then how to maintain the loader tires? Let's take a look at them together.

Ⅰ. Strictly abide by the inflation standard of loader tires

After the tire is inflated, check whether there is gas leak in each part of the tire, and check the tire pressure regularly to ensure that it meets the standard. Get into the habit of using barometer to measure air pressure, which can't be judged by naked eyes. Ensure that the loader tires have certain elasticity, make their deformation within specified range when bearing the specified load, and ensure that the equipment has good stability and comfort during driving.

Ⅱ. Correctly select and install loader tires, and match corresponding inner tubes according to tire size

1. The tires assembled on the same machine should be the same brand, structure and performance. If this cannot be ensured, loader tires of the same brand, specification, pattern and type should be assembled on the same shaft.

2. When replacing new loader tires, the tires of whole vehicle or the same shaft should be replaced respectively; Tires with directional patterns should be installed according to the specified rolling direction; When replacing a new loader tire, install the new tire on the front wheel and the repaired tire on the rear wheel. To ensure driving safety, recapping tires are not allowed to be used as steering wheels (front wheels).

Ⅲ. Regularly change the position of the loader tire

1. After the equipment has been running for a period of time, the wear degree of the front and rear tires are different, so it is necessary to change positions in time as required. There are two ways to change loader tires: cross method and circulation method. Cross method is suitable for vehicles that often travel on the road with large camber, while circulation method is suitable for vehicles that often travel on the flat road.

2. Control the temperature of loader tires. During the running of vehicle, the tires generate heat due to friction and deformation, which increases the temperature and air pressure inside the tires. When the tire temperature is very high, we can't deflate to reduce the pressure, let alone pour water on the tire to reduce the temperature, so as not to accelerate the damage of the tire.

3. When the tire temperature of the loader is very high, we should stop and rest in the shade, and continue driving only after the tire temperature drops. When the vehicle stops on the way and arrives at the site, it is necessary to develop the parking habit of sliding safely. Choose a flat, clean and oil-free ground for parking. Every tire should land gently, especially overnight. More attention should be paid to choosing a parking place and jacking up the rear wheel when necessary.