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How Much Do You Know About the Handling, Maintenance and Storage of Loader Tires?

1. Improper handling of loader tires will have serious consequences

If the tires and hubs of the loader are not handled properly, the tires will explode and the hubs will shatter, causing serious casualties. Because the disassembly, maintenance and repair of tires and hubs require special equipment and technology, it is necessary to ask professionals at the tire repair point to perform the operation. Use designated tires and inflate them to the specified pressure. When inflation, there should be a pipe clamp on the inflation tube that can be fixed to the valve, and no one is allowed to enter the work area.

The tire pressure should be constantly checked during inflation to prevent the inflation pressure from being too high. If the hub is not fixed properly, the hub may burst when the tire is inflated. To ensure safety, a protective fence should be set up around the tire inflation work area. When inflation, the staff should stand on the side of the tire with patterns, and it is forbidden to stand on the side of the tire. Abnormal speed of tire pressure drop or abnormal assembly of wheel hub are all signs of problems in the tire and hub.

In this case, please ask a professional at the tire repair station to repair it. After high-speed driving or heavy work, the tire pressure should be adjusted. It is forbidden to heat or weld the hub installed on the tire. It is forbidden to bring the tires close to the fire source.

2. The storage of loader tires

Generally speaking, tires should be stored in a warehouse, and people cannot enter without permission. If tires must be stored outdoors, a fence should be designed around the tires and a sign prohibiting entry should be posted. Tires should be placed upright and blocked with wooden blocks around to avoid rolling or falling.

Horizontal placement will flatten the loader tires and reduce the quality. When a tire falls, avoid it as soon as possible. The tires used for construction machinery are extremely heavy. Any attempt to hold the tires will often cause serious damage.