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What Are the Considerations for the Rapid Replacement of Loader Tires

1. A problem with the loader tires will directly cause the loader to fail to work

For loaders, tire problems will directly lead to the inability to continue efficient work, and even can only continue after replacement, so efficient and quick tire replacement is a very important thing for us. Next, let's see how to change tires.

2. The 6-step method for fast replacement of loader tires on site

  • Start the machine, look for a relatively flat and open field nearby, press down the boom lifter, use the boom support to make the front wheel off the ground, and then use the bracket to support the flash bridge on the side close to the flat tire, and wedge the rear wheel it is good.

  •  Use tools such as a crowbar to remove the retaining ring and lock ring, and then check whether the tire liner is adhered to the outer surface of the rim. In case of occurrence, the support can be removed, and the machine can be reciprocated slowly in a short distance until the liner is separated from the outer surface of the rim; steering and high-speed driving are strictly prohibited to avoid damage to the inner tube. Then, the front wheels are supported again. You can check more information about winter wheels and tyres.

  •  Mark the relative positions of the inner and outer tires to find and remove foreign objects and repair the tires.

  •  Use tools such as a crowbar to remove the tire from the rim. Note that the action should be gentle and coordinated to avoid being injured by the tire, and to protect the valve.

  •  After the tyre is pierced by a slender foreign body such as a nail, if there is no obvious wound on the surface or the wound is small, the tyre can still be used; if the wound is large, it must be repaired.

  •  If it is a new inner tube, the bolts of the loader tires must be tightened at the bottom of the valve to prevent air leakage; then remove the foreign matter in the inner cavity of the outer tube, and sprinkle with appropriate talcum powder, and apply it evenly. In order to make the liner closely adhere to the inner and outer tires, the inner tube should be properly inflated after the inner tube is installed, and then the liner should be inserted.