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What Conditions Should be Considered when Choosing Loader Tyres?

Selection criteria for loader tyres

The main conditions for selecting loader tyres are to ensure that they can withstand the working load, reach the allowed speed under the load, have a small rolling resistance, good traction performance, and long service life under normal use conditions.

There are specialized standards for the specifications and usage range of construction machinery tyres. The commonly used low-pressure wide-base tyres are mainly used for short-distance transport by wheel loaders, with a slow operating speed, a maximum speed of 10 km/h, a single one-way transport distance of no more than 75m for construction machinery.

Choice of tyre tread for loader tyres

The function of tyre tread is to transmit the tractive force and braking force of the construction machinery. It has a great influence on the adhesion performance, wear resistance, and rolling resistance between the tyre and the road surface.

  • tyre tread requirements vary depending on the usage conditions. In order to ensure vehicle performance, the loader tyre tread pattern should generally meet the following conditions:

  • Satisfy the requirements for vehicle performance in specific usage conditions;

  • Have good adhesion between the tyre tread and the road surface;

  • Have good anti-skid and wear-resistant properties, and a small rolling resistance;

  • Not carry mud and stones, and have good self-cleaning performance;

  • Meet the requirements of being cut-resistant, not flowered and falling off, and free of cracks. In addition to satisfying specific usage conditions, it should also have good comprehensive performance and high service life.

Loader tyres tread and corresponding usage conditions

  • Traction pattern (L-2): Suitable for operating on soft and muddy ground conditions. It can provide maximum traction force and has good self-cleaning performance.

  • Block pattern (L-3): Suitable for various operating conditions. The loader tyre block pattern has certain wear resistance and anti-cutting performance.

  • Deepened block pattern (L-4): Suitable for harsh operating conditions. It has good wear resistance and anti-cutting performance, and can extend the service life of the tyre.

  • Super-deep block pattern (L-5): Suitable for harsh operating conditions such as multiple rocks. It has good cut-resistant and puncture-resistant properties, as well as good stability and traction performance.

  • Each type of loader tyre has its specific purpose and usage characteristics. It can only be used within the specified range, otherwise it will cause abnormal damage. Therefore, if the tyre is selected improperly, it will seriously affect the service life of the tyre and the performance of the loader.