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Manufacturing Technology and Characteristics of All-steel Radial Tire

1. The main manufacturing technology of all steel radial tires

(1) Banbury mixing: rubber compound;

(2) Extruding: tread, sidewall, cushion rubber, rubber core of tire bead;

(3) Rolling of molded rubber: thin film, inner lining layer (airtight layer);

(4) Rolling of steel wire: carcass, belt ply, and spigot-covered ply of all steel radial tire;

(5) 0°extruding: 0°belt ply;

(6) Longitudinal cutting: strips of narrow fiber rubberized cord and narrow thin film strips;

(7) Winding and molding of tire bead: tire bead and winding chafer of all steel radial tire;

(8) Application of rubber core: apply the rubber core to the tire bead;

(9) Semi-vulcanization: semi-vulcanize the tire bead;

(10) 15°cutting: belt ply, wrapping cloth of seam allowance;

(11) 90°cutting: carcass cord;

(12) Molding: tire embryo;

(13) Vulcanization: finished product of outer tire;

(14) Quality inspection of all steel radial tires: 100% appearance and X-ray inspection.

2. The characteristics of manufacturing technology of all steel radial tires

(1) Various rubber materials: According to the quality requirements of plasticizing and mixing, the technology and technical operation performance which can uniformly and fully achieve the physical and mechanical properties that meet the technical requirements should be adopted.

(2) The size of various components conforms to the size standard of technology requirement.

(3) The laminating of the frame material and rubber material of all steel radial tires should achieve uniform cord density and uniform rubber thickness on both sides of the cord.

(4) The molding and coating combination of various semi-finished composite materials should be accurately positioned and evenly symmetrical.

(5) Various semi-finished products should be used within the technically prescribed time.

(6) All semi-finished products should be pollution-free and deformation-free.

(7) During the vulcanization process of the embryo of all steel radial tire, the tire embryo must be positioned accurately and the three elements of vulcanization shall be strictly implemented.

(8) The handling, packaging and storage of finished products must meet the requirements of all steel radial tires.