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Features Of UTR9V OTR Tires

  • Exceptional traction and self-cleaning capability delivered by the special designs including non-directional multi-block tread pattern, 40mm super deep tread and trapezoid shape longitudinal grooves.

    • The non-directional multi-block tread pattern and 40mm tread offers exceptional traction and long wear life;

    • Trapezoid shape longitudinal grooves are designed for better self-cleaning;

    • A reinforced centerpiece tread belt is used to prevent the tearing of tread blocks.

  • 10.5 metric ton loading capacity ensured by robust carcass and patented bead design:

    • Five layers of steel belts are built-in for better resistance to impact and puncture;

    • Robust carcass: new structure ply cord and lengthened ply cord wrapping-up design is applied;

    • The semicircle shape bead bundle design of the heavy-duty off-road tires greatly increases the adhesion, making the bead part stronger and the structure more stable.

  • Better cut and puncture resistance provided by thickened and reinforce tread base and sidewall:

    • The puncture resistance is greatly enhanced by its super thick tread base;

    • UTR9V uses a protection band in its extra-thick sidewall for better cut resistance.

Specifications of UTR9V OTR Tires


Star Rating

TRA Code

Rim Width & Flange

Overall Width

Overall Diameter

Tread Depth

Load Index/Speed


Loading capacity(ton)@20km/h



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