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How to Reduce the Wear of Loader Tire?

1. Correct driving can extend the use time of wheel loader tires

As an important part of driving, wheel loader tires will rub against the ground for a long time and be consumed a lot. If the driving method is correct, the use of tires can be extended for a long time.

2. How to reduce the wear and tear of wheel loader tires

You should start slowly when starting the vehicle. If you start too fast, it will increase the friction between the tire and the ground and accelerate the consumption. Moreover, starting too fast is not conducive to safe driving on the road. It is best to choose a flat road, and especially not a sandy road with potholes. If you can't find a good road, please slow down to avoid excessive bumps and reduce the collision of tires with the ground. At the same time, it is more comfortable for the people in the car.

Reduce frequent braking, unless it is an emergency, do not make emergency braking, and do not slam on the brakes so as to reduce unnecessary wear and tear of tires. You can use the way of cadence brake to slow down. When the vehicle is going downhill, you can lightly step on the brakes to slow down, or reduce the speed of the vehicle according to the condition of the slope and the length of the slope to reduce emergency braking due to emergencies. This can reduce the tire of the wheel loader tires.

When driving on maintenance sections of highway with potholes, you need to see the road conditions clearly, stay away from the construction site, and drive slowly to avoid the tires from being punctured by nails, and to avoid tire wear and collision.

When entering a curve, you need to slow down in advance and avoid accelerating. Otherwise, accidents are prone to occur in the curve, emergency braking will occur, and the vehicle will brake laterally, so the degree of tire wear is huge. Daily cleaning and maintenance of wheel loader tires is essential. It is necessary to remove stones and rubbish on the surface of the tire. You can go to the repair shop regularly for maintenance.