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Ensuring Standard Tire Pressure Extends the Life of Your Loader Tires

Ⅰ. What is the appropriate tire pressure for the loader?

Tire pressure plays a decisive role in tire wear. If the tire pressure is about 10% lower than the optimal tire pressure, the normal service life of the tire will be reduced by 15%, and the fuel consumption will be increased by 2.5%. Long-term low-pressure driving will accelerate the aging of the rubber, and it is easy to cause a tire blowout accident;

Excessive air pressure will cause the center of the tire tread to wear rapidly, shortening the service life and reducing ride comfort. Since tire pressure naturally decreases by about 30% per year, to ensure safe driving, tire pressure (including spare tire) checks must be carried out regularly.

Attention should also be paid to air pressure maintenance: measure the air pressure when the tire is cooling, and visually check it once a day before driving; usually increase the tire pressure by 10% before high-speed driving to reduce heat generation and improve safety;

Understand the maximum air pressure value marked on the sidewall of the loader tire, and check the normal air pressure value under the guidance of professionals to ensure the best performance of the tire during driving.

If there is only one large area of wear on the tire surface, it means that it is caused by pinching the wheel during emergency braking, and if there are two identical wear on the front and rear wheels, it means that there is a problem with the drum brake.

Therefore, the tires must be replaced. In case of emergency, the old tires can be temporarily replaced on the rear wheels to ensure safety.

Ⅱ. What problems should be paid attention to before installing the tires of the loader?

1. Please use standard rims. Do not use deformed or damaged rims.

2. Before combining the rim and tire, please clean the rim and tire first, and no debris should be left inside.

3. Before the rim and tire are combined. Bead rim flanges can be wiped with lubricant or soapy water, do not use oil-based lubricants.

4. When combining the wheel rim and the tire of the loader, attention should be paid to the fitting situation. Do not use the wind pressure exceeding the normal range to forcibly install it to avoid danger.

5. The combination of rims and tires needs to be operated by specialized personnel in the tire industry, please do not combine them by yourself.

Ⅲ. How to carry out daily maintenance of loader tires?

Under high temperatures, tires are easy to accelerate tire rubber ageing, tire tread wear, and at the same time cause tire pressure instability, so today, let’s briefly understand what kind of daily maintenance is required for loader tires?

Check the inflation pressure of the loader tires regularly, at least twice a month, and also check the loader tires before long-distance travel. Open the driver's side door, you can see the inflation pressure data of the approved tires on the door pillar, if the air pressure is too high or too low, you should adjust it in time.

Drive mildly, avoid frequent use of emergency braking, and do not start and accelerate too sharply, otherwise the tires of the sprinkler will be easily subjected to excessive load.

The high temperature in summer can easily accelerate the wear of the tires of the loader. When the tires of the loader are worn to the wear mark of 1.6mm, they must be replaced, otherwise the tires of the loader will easily slip in rainy days and cause safety hazards.