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How to Prevent Loader Tire Wear?

Abnormal wear caused by various factors in the use of tires is a big problem for the majority of drivers. The tire pressure is too high or too low, the operation is overloaded, poor position of the four wheels, as well as the brutal operation caused by unskilled operator driving technology, the unreasonable tire selection, and installation, the damage of external hard material. All those factors will reduce the service life of the tire. So, how to effectively avoid the abnormal wear of loader tires? Then, we will make an introduction as below.

Ⅰ. How to make sure the wear of the loader tire is even?

1. First of all, comply with the tire inflation standards strictly, check whether every part is leaking after inflation, and also check the tire pressure regularly to ensure it is up to the standard. Get used to measuring the air pressure with a barometer instead of estimating it with eyes. Ensure that the tires have a certain elasticity so that their deformation does not exceed the specified range under the specified load, to ensure the vehicle has good stability and comfort in driving.

2. The spare tire of the loader tires should be filled with relatively high pressure so as not to run out of air over time. Secondly, it is necessary to assemble and install tires correctly, applying with matched corresponding inner tubes according to tire specifications. Ensure to assemble the same brand, same structure, and same performance tires on the same machinery. If it is not possible to make that happen, then ensure to assemble the same brand, the same specification, the same pattern, and the same type of tire on the same shaft.

3. The whole vehicle or coaxial should be changed together when changing a new tire. Tread tire with directional pattern should be installed following the specified rolling direction. The new tire should be installed on the front wheel and the repaired tire should be installed on the rear wheel when replacing a new tire. To ensure driving safety, retreaded tires are not allowed to be used as steering wheels like front wheels.

4. To ensure the correct use of the loader tire and the whole machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the reading of the water temperature meter all the time, the measures must be taken when it reaches above 90℃. You can choose to park the car in the nearest shade place to cool it down at idle speed, pay attention to not immediately shut down the car, to prevent the engine internal overheating resulting in cylinder pulling and other accidents. After the temperature drops, check the tension condition of the fan belt.

Ⅱ. Some questions about the loader tire

1. When do we need to change the worn tire?

The normal wear is inevitable when the loader tires are running on the road, the tires must be replaced immediately when the depth of tread pattern is lower than the wear limit of 1.6mm.

2. Do four loader tires need to be changed in turn regularly

When the vehicle travels every 10,000 kilometers, please adopt the method of adjusting the tire regularly to prevent irregular wear of the tire. And it can extend the service life of the tire to a certain extent.

3. Does the dynamic balance must be done after changing the loader tire?

Tires and hubs are an assembly of the whole, the mass distribution of each part after changing the tires can not be completely even, resulting in vehicle jitter, steering wheel vibration, and other phenomena. Therefore, if the above situation occurs after tire replacement, please do dynamic balance immediately to ensure that the wheel corrects the balance of each edge part.

4. Should the tire pressure of the loader tire be as high as possible?

It is better to maintain proper tire pressure on the loader tire. If the tire pressure is insufficient, the tire sidetrack will be too loose. It is easy to cause uneven wear and fuel consumption will also increase. If the tire pressure is too high, it is easier to make the tire by external impact, but also easy to cause uneven wear.