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How to Reduce the Damage of Steel Radial Tires?

1. Timely replacement of steel radial tires

The high temperature in summer will accelerate the wear and aging of the tire rubber, and the strength of the steel wire layer will decrease. Generally, there are raised marks in the groove of the tire, which is a reminder to change the tire in time.

2. The positioning and dynamic balance of steel radial tires must be indispensable

When replacing or installing tires and hubs on the car, the positioning angle and mass distribution will change. The most direct impact is that the tires are not uniformly stressed, and the tread of individual tires is severely worn. It is easy to cause explosions during long-term driving or high-speed driving in summer. fetal. Be sure to position and balance the car regularly .

3. Steel radial tires should be rotated regularly to prolong the life of the tires

In order to prolong the service life of the tires, regularly rotate the tires to balance the wear conditions of the front tires and make the tires wear evenly.

4. Steel radial tires need to maintain normal tire pressure

In summer, tire pressure can easily exceed the maximum value. Continuous use under high temperature or abnormal leakage will cause tire pressure variation and tire blowout. Therefore, maintaining normal tire pressure is the correct choice to prevent natural oxidation and cracking of tires.

5. Frequently remove foreign bodies in the tread of steel radial tires

Always remove stones or foreign objects in the tread grooves of steel radial tires to avoid deformation of the tire crown. Check the tire sidewall for cuts, punctures, and exposed cords. If there is, it should be replaced in time.