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Why Choose Ortec Grader Tires?

  • Exceptional Quality: At Ortec, we take pride in crafting grader tires with precision using premium materials, ensuring unparalleled durability and performance in challenging work environments.

  • Versatile Options: With a diverse range of grader tire sizes available, Ortec offers the perfect fit for various graders, making sure your equipment operates at its best.

  • Optimal Performance: Our specialized grader tires feature advanced tread designs, providing excellent traction, stability, and precision, allowing you to achieve smooth and accurate grading results.

  • Competitive Pricing: Ortec offers competitive grader tire prices without compromising on quality, making it a cost-effective choice for your road construction projects.

Whether you're involved in road maintenance, construction, or grading projects, Ortec has the ideal solution for your grader tire needs. Don't miss the opportunity to equip your graders with our high-quality tires, designed to enhance performance and efficiency on every job.

Contact us today to inquire about grader tire prices, sizes, and any other information you need. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the best grader tires tailored to your specific requirements.

Experience the difference that Ortec Grader Tires can make for your grading operations. Get in touch now and elevate your construction projects with our top-of-the-line tires! 

Ortec welcomes your questions about OTR tires, just let us know.

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