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The Forklift is So Heavy, How Do You Change the Fork Truck Tires Yourself?

Ⅰ. Preparation before replacing fork truck tires

Beware of the danger of being squeezed when the jack slips off. When using a jack to lift the forklift, make sure that the jack is firmly placed. Please do not crawl under the jacked forklift, and be aware that the tire pressure of the forklift is very high and dangerous. Do not disassemble/assemble tires, inner tubes and rims, or inflate tires on forklifts. (These jobs require special equipment and skills. Those who do these jobs need to receive professional training.)

1. Unload the load of the forklift. Park the forklift on a level and solid road and apply the parking brake.

2. Place a pad under the tire opposite to the tire to be replaced.

3. The forklift must be jacked up at the specified jacking position. Replace the front tire: under the outer mast; replace the rear tire: under the counterweight.

4. Lift the forklift until the tires have a little contact with the ground, and place a cushion under the frame to prevent it from falling. When changing the tires in front of the forklift, place a block on the front. When changing the tires on the back of the forklift, place a block on the rear. If there are any questions, please contact the tire supplier timely.

Ⅱ. Disassemble fork truck tires

For tires with split rims, never loosen the rim connecting bolts and nuts. After decompression, be sure to loosen the hub nut of the tire with split rims. For safety, when inflating or replacing fork truck tires, place your body in front of the tire tread and do not work on the side of the tire. When using an air compressor to adjust the air pressure, adjust the compressor pressure in advance to prevent deformation or cracks. Such rims are extremely dangerous. When installing replacement tires, check thoroughly. Do not use tires with deformed or cracked rims.

Ⅲ. Replace fork truck tires

Use a hub nut wrench or other tool to loosen the hub nuts until they can be turned by hand. Use a jack to jack up the forklift until the tires are slightly off the ground. Remove the wheel nut and remove the tire. Install a replacement forklift tire to the wheel hub. Tighten the hub nut temporarily, and tighten the nut diagonally. Remove the block from under the frame. Lower the jack and tighten the hub nut to the specified torque. Adjust the inflation pressure of the forklift tires to the specified pressure. After changing the tire, run a test run to check whether the rim nut is loose. If necessary, tighten. When your forklift encounters an unforeseen failure, please contact the forklift dealer.