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The Advantages And Application Range of All Steel Radial Tires

1. The definition of all steel radial tires

Radial tire: The carcass ply cords are arranged at an angle of 90 degrees or close to 90 degrees in the tangential direction of the tire circumference, and the pneumatic tire with the carcass tightened by the belt layer. Radial tires can be divided into all steel radial tires, semi steel radial tires and so on. Some people are not that familiar with all steel radial tires and semi steel radial tires. Although there is only a one-word difference between the two names, the differences between them are also significant. All steel radial tire: the belt layer and carcass layer are made of steel cords, which are generally medium-duty tires and light-duty tires.

2. The advantages and application range of all steel radial tires

All steel radial tires: The belt layer of all steel radial tires uses steel cords, which are generally used in heavy-duty and construction machinery vehicles. Take the all steel radial tires exclusively provided by DURATECH as an example, all of which use high-quality steel cords strictly to ensure the safe and energy-saving use of radial snow tires.

1. It has good wear resistance, puncture resistance, durability, high mileage and long service life.

2. It has low rolling resistance, low fuel consumption, low heat generation, and it is energy-saving and has reduced exhaust emissions.

3. It has high speed and safety, shock absorption and stable operation.

4. It has a large ground contact area and good adhesion performance. It has a small tread slip, and the unit pressure on the ground is also small, so the rolling resistance is small.

5. It has a thick crown and has a hard belt, which is not easy to puncture. It can reduce fuel consumption by 3% to 8% with small deformation during driving. Due to the few cord layers and thin sidewalls, it has large radial elasticity, good cushioning performance, and large load capacity.