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How to Understand the Specifications of Off-The-Road Tire (OTR Tire) ?

1.The specifications representation method of Chinese OTR tire


Taking the OTR tire of a mechanical single steel wheel vibratory roller as an example.

18.5-25-16PR: 18.5 (inches) refers to the cross-sectional width of the tire, - refers to the low-pressure tire, 25 (inches) refers to the tire inner diameter, that is the rim diameter, and 16PR refers to the tire level. China has stipulated that in addition to the tire specifications , the manufacturer’s label, layer level, maximum load and corresponding air pressure, production number, etc. should also be marked on both sides of the external tire. In order to facilitate the identification of carcass cords, the sidewalls are also marked with Chinese phonetic alphabet. For example, M (or no word) represents cotton cord tire, R represents rayon cord tire, N represents nylon tire, Z represents radial cord tire, G represents steel tire, ZG represents steel radial cord tire, etc.


2.The specifications representation method of American and Japanese OTR tire

The latest representation method of OTR tire series in the United States, Japan and other countries adopts the "letter-number" mark based on the "flatness ration". For example, a certain tire is marked as F78-14, in which F represents the carrying capacity of the tire, the first number 78 indicates that the height of the tire is 78% of the width, and the lower the value, the more flat the tire section, the second number 14 means that the rim diameter is 14 in, and the unit of carrying capacity is kg. The letters indicating the carrying capacity and the load bearing are as follows: A-410, B-445, C-480, D-510, E-540, F-580, G-620, H-685, I-715, K-735 , L-760, M-810, N-850, V-295, W-320, Y-350, Z-375.

In addition, there are many other marking methods. If you are interested, please come to Jinan Jiuxintai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. for consultation and purchasing the OTR tire.