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How to Properly Stock Tires

In general, tires should be removed from the rim, cleaned, and stored in a cool, dry room. They should be stored in an upright position, not horizontally so that the proper space between the beads will be maintained. Make sure that the tire is not deformed by any external pressure exerted on it.

Avoid the following when storing tires:

  • Direct sunlight.

  • Ozone.

  • Oil and grease.

  • High temperatures and humidity.

If tires must be stored outside, cover them with a tarpaulin for protection. If a vehicle is stored with tires mounted, rest the vehicle on blocks to relieve the load on the tires. Deflate the tires and cover them. Rotate the tires once a month to prevent permanent deformation if the vehicle cannot be rested on blocks.

How to properly stock tires