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Please Timely Replace the Loader Tire in the Following Situations!

Loader tires are the most important parts in the safe driving of loaders. In daily use, tires are very important but are easily overlooked. In order to ensure normal driving, tires should be inspected regularly.

1. Wheel loader tire bulge

Generally, the internal ply structure of the bulging loader tire has been destroyed, and the internal steel wire is partially broken. Bulged loader tires cannot be repaired. Due to the inability of the internal structure, the repaired bulged tires pose a great safety hazard. It is a time bomb installed on the car. There is only one way to solve bulge tires, so quickly change!

2. Long using period of wheel loader tires

From leaving the factory to the aging of the wheel loader tires, the real "life" is generally about 3-5 years. If it exceeds 5 years, the rubber will have network cracks due to aging. The slightest aging rubber will also cause a decrease in tire grip. Therefore, even if the tires are well protected, they are still recommended to be replaced after 5 years.

3. Aging of wheel loader tires

Some wheel loader tires are short of production time, but the surface of the tires is seriously aging, and the carcass may even fall off. This phenomenon may be related to the rubber compound of the tire, or it may be caused by long-term exposure to the tire. The specific cause is not clear, but the tire must be replaced once a similar condition occurs.

4. Damaged tire wall of wheel loader

Compared with the tread, the sidewall of the loader tire is more fragile and vulnerable to injury. Such damaged tires must be replaced.