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The Classification and Applications of OTR Tire

Although the off-the-road tire (OTR tire) is not as fiercely competitive as passenger car tire as well as truck and bus tire, the competition is equally cruel due to its low market holdings. The development and manufacturing of OTR tire is far more difficult than passenger car tire as well as truck and bus tire. Therefore,OTR tire has always been a situation where several giants carve up the global market. However, as the strength of other tire companies increases continuously, more companies will join them in the future.

1. The classification of OTR tire

According to the different rim diameters, it can be divided into the following categories: rim diameter ≤ 29 inches, 29 inches <rim diameter ≤ 39 inches, 39 inches <rim diameter ≤ 49 inches and rim diameter> 49 inches. Among them, the rim diameter ≤ 29 inches is the most popular product, accounting for 80% of sales in 2018.

2. The application of OTR tire

In terms of application scope, the entire OTR tire market is divided into construction, mining, ports and agriculture. In the report, the data of the first six years will also be used to predict the next six years, which has valuable reference value for improving the development prospects of related industry applications.

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