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How to Avoid OTR Tyres from Skidding?

1. Reasons for slipping on OTR tyres

In rainy days, the soil and rain on the road mix together to make the road more slippery and reduce the braking force of the vehicle. In order to avoid slipping of OTR tyres, an effective measure is to reduce speed. Reduced speed can increase the contact area between solid tires and the road surface, thereby providing more traction.

2. How to avoid slipping on OTR tyres

Even when driving very carefully, skidding can occur. If the vehicle is slipping, be sure not to step on the brake pedal again. If the vehicle is already equipped with an ABS system, it is recommended to rotate the steering wheel in the sliding direction. To be fully prepared for the road, the OTR tyres on wet and slippery roads must be more carefully managed and controlled, and always be vigilant for possible safety accidents and some unexpected environmental conditions ahead. When driving on the road on a rainy day, your shoes may get wet and easily slip off the pedal when you step on the pedal. The soles of the shoes should be wiped dry on the car carpet before starting the engine. Regularly check the headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals to keep them in a normal working state.

On slippery roads, in order to avoid braking solid tires, use the accelerator to slow down as much as possible even the headlights should be turned on during small rainfall. Turning on them can help you check the real-time situation on the road, and also help other drivers see your vehicle. If the vehicle is equipped with daytime driving and this light should be turned on so that you can better maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.