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Loader Tires For Sale

We have many types of loader tires for sale, including radial wheel tires and bias wheel tires with different sizes of UTL3, UTAD3, UTADT, etc. OTR loader tire is designed for long lasting performance, stability, long tread life, riding comfort, great skid resistance, superb cut resistance and many other characteristics. Customers can choose different wheel loader tires according to specific requirements for working places and sizes, etc. Detail information of loader tires are below. Browse our tires today!

How To Choose Loader Tires

1. The choice of the bucket is decided by Material density. Since the bucket of a wheel loader is usually its biggest source of income, its size and capacity are of much importance; however, what it carries is more important.

2. Durable design improves reliability. Durability is required at all job sites, but durability is especially important when the machine performs initial site preparations.

3. The accessories expand the versatility. The key to obtaining the highest productivity from a wheel loader is the investment in a high-quality accessory quick-change mechanism.

4. Productivity is driven by power and efficiency. The productivity of a wheel loader can be defined in many ways, but the two most common indicators are the power and lifting capacity of the machine.

5. Support can build long-term satisfaction. Promise dealers can recommend parts inventory lists for frequently used wear parts.

Proper Air Pressure for Loader Tires

There are a lot of parameters to look at when deciding the correct air pressure to suggest. For example, if the tire is being mounted on a loader, you will need to know if it will be mounted on the front or rear end and the density of the material being loaded. Then, you need to understand what the loader is doing. A tire operating at the correct air pressure will help to maximize the performance of the tire and machine. The operator will find that the ride, handling and stability of the machine will increase, which produces greater productivity. As for the tires on the rear of the loader, tires of 25 pounds or less are a good choice. If the 29.5R25 of the front wheel position is set to 85 psi, the rear wheel should be set to 60 psi. This should provide the operator with the best loader driving and handling performance.

Wheel Loader Tire Tips For Increasing Production

  • Tip1

     Maintain proper tire pressure to maximize the productivity of the loader

  • Tip2

    Match tire pressure

  • Tip3

    Apply the differential lock correctly

  • Tip4

     Avoid tire rotation

  • Tip5

    Avoid obstacles

  • Tip6

    Limit humid conditions

  • Tip7

    Slow down

  • Tip8

    Check the tires every day before proceeding

  • Tip9

    Keep in mind when setting up tire protection

  • Tip10

    Use telematics to help manage your time program

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