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How to Choose Loader Tires and What Are the Precautions

1. The scientific selection of loader tires is very important

Tires are absolutely an important part of the operation of the loader, which not only have a great relationship with the actual quality of the vehicle, but also have a close relationship with the traction, braking, and even economy of the loader. At the same time, tires are consumables. Especially loader tires are very expensive. Therefore, the scientific selection and application of loader tires are very important in terms of saving costs, increasing safety factor, and extending tire life. Especially in the working environment of mines, more precise and reasonable selection of tires is required.

2. How to choose loader tires and what are the precautions

First of all, the same tires are used on the same axle. If tires with different service life and patterns are used randomly, it will affect the life of the tire. Tires with different types and patterns, as well as the degree of softness and hardness of the glue, are for different working environments and vehicles. For example: ordinary tires, anti-skid tires, and studded tires have the same pattern but different depths.

Secondly, it is better to use brand-specific tires for loader tires. Such tires are designed for a certain model at the beginning. Such tires have a higher fit. At the same time, proper two-wheel spacing wheels are used to prevent damage caused by the contact between the tires and improve the heat dissipation effect of tires. We should choose the best brand and avoid using inferior tires.

The wear degree of the coaxial tires of the loader tires should be roughly the same, that is, the principle of simultaneous replacement should be adopted as far as possible. When the loader is traveling in a straight line, due to the difference in the rolling radius of the driving wheels on both sides of the same axle, the main reducer of drive axle produces a differential speed (otherwise the tires on both sides will not enable the loader to travel in a straight line at all), which increases the work of the burden of differential mechanism.