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Precautions for Disassembling and Installing Dump Truck Tyres

Ⅰ. Methods and steps of disassembling dump truck tyres

There are no more than two types of the dump truck tyres we use now: tubed tyres and tubeless tyres, the disassembly methods and steps of different specifications are also different. Here are some specific disassembly methods and steps as below:

1. Clean the dump truck tyres comprehensively first, including the tyre surface, wheel and rim contact surface, the bolts and nuts on the wheels, the rust stains, residue and mud on the tires. The main purpose of cleaning: on the one hand is to reduce the impact of the dirt from the repair master made in the process of disassembly and assembly on tyres; on the other hand is to avoid the dirt get inside the tyres and reduce unnecessary secondary damage.

2. Before disassembling, firstly lubricate the gullies of the bolts and nuts of the dump truck tyres to make the disassembly easily and reduce wear. Use a matching torque wrench and leave 2-3 nut spacing, following the diagonal order to disassemble, the diagonal disassembly can effectively reduce irregular stress of bolts and lower the fatigue loss of parts. If you choose to use the motor wrench, you need to adjust the air pressure, the specific pressure depends on the size of the nut.

3. Place one side of the wheel lock ring upward to release the air in the tyre, and push out the air nozzle after the tyre with tubed tyre is deflated. Make matching marks on tyres and rims. Note: The air in the tire must be released completely to avoid accidental injury in subsequent operation.

4. Insert the straight guide vane plate between the rim collar and the dump truck tyre, pressing down the tire rim. Insert the guide vane plate at the formed gap to make the end of the guide vane plate is propped in the rim collar and the top of the shaft is leaned against the straight guide vane plate.

5. On the one hand, press down the tire rim of the dump truck tyres, on the other hand, move the straight guide vane plate and the bent guide vane plate along the circumference of the wheel vehicle, remove the conical edge strip of the lock ring from the tire.

6. Insert the end of the straight guide vane plate into the slot of the lock ring and press the lock ring out of the groove; Lift the lock ring up, prop the bent guide vane plate in the rim collar, insert the end of straight guide vane plate into the lower end of the lock ring; Hold the lock ring by hand and remove the lock ring from the groove of the rim by a straight guide plate.

7. Take out the rim collar of the dump truck tyres and turn the wheel, remove the tire side from the wheel by means of straight and bent guide vane plates, then put the wheel upright, take out all the rims from the tyres first, you can punch the rim of the wheel  out from the tire decisively with a hammer along the locking part of the wheel.

Although currently many tire repair shops have professional dismantling tools and even professional machinery and equipment, such as: special tire dismantling machine for dump truck. But the disassembly principles are the same, you must be careful in the process of operation and pay attention to the safety.

Ⅱ. Methods and steps of assembling dump truck tyres

After watching the disassembly process, you will say that the assembly of dump truck tyres is not a reversible process of disassembly? The answer is yes, indeed, but there are still a lot of details need to be paid attention to. Especially we should pay more attention to many parts with tubed tyres. If it is confirmed that the rim, flange and lock ring match with each other, this is why the label should be made in the disassembling process. The wrong installation will cause the dynamic balance failure during the high-speed driving, which will accelerate the consequences of tire wear. Here are the specific assembly steps as below:

1. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the inner tube of the dump truck tyres, insert the inner tube and rim belt into the outer tube, inflate the inner tube and twist the valve.

2. Put the dump truck tyres pad on the rim at an angle, place the inflating valve into the slot, pay attention not to tilt the inflating valve, lift the tyre from inflating valve side and insert it into the rim.

3. Install the rim collar in proper order, place it in the groove of the wheel which opposite to the opening part of the lock ring, press into one end of the ring first, then press into the other end.

4. Make sure the rim of the lock ring is under the tire bead of the dump truck tyres. Inflate the tire pressure to 49KPa first to confirm that the tire bead has all around the lock ring, and then inflate the tire pressure to the rated value.

Ⅲ. Precautions for disassembling and installing dump truck tyres

1. Do not strike the rim, lock ring, rim collar or tire while or after inflating the tyres.

2. In order to maintain the dynamic balance of the wheel, the old tire should be installed in original same place before disassembly (i.e. the tire and rim marks should coincide)

3. When assembling and disassembling dump truck tyres, you should check the condition of all the wheel parts at least once a year: Rim collar, lock ring and rim shall be free from cracks, dents, rust marks and dirt, the inner surface of the lock ring shall be reliably embedded into the groove of the wheel.

4. Do not use flammable materials. Use gasoline or other flammable materials to lubricate, seal or deflect the tire rim may cause the dump truck tyres to explode or the tire and rim separation to explode, resulting in some  serious damages.

With the development of tire disassembly technology has gradually separated from the previous masters manual operation methods, using professional equipment operation and the popularization of professional knowledge to make tire maintenance and repair more scientific and reasonable.