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Features Of UTGD OTR Tires

  • Tread pattern engineered for excellent lateral traction:

    • The specially designed aggressive non-directional tread pattern features large contact area and it delivers excellent lateral traction.

  • Casing optimized for better endurance and longer life cycle:

    • The casing of OTR tyres for sale is optimized with even contact distribution that prevents uneven wearing;

    • The strengthened casing design and multi-ply steel belts enables maximum resistance to puncture and cuts, and offers retread ability;

    • The special shoulder/sidewall intersection design offers improved resistance to cuts and damage.

Grader Tires 14.00 x24 16.00 x24 

SizeStar RatingTRA CodeRimSection widthOverall DiameterTread DepthLoad Index & Speed SymbolType

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