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A Method for Calculating the Safety Multiple of Bead Wire of All Steel Radial Tires

1. Background technology of all steel radial tires

The tire is an important part of the automobile driving structure. With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the requirement of tire performance has become higher and higher. The technical condition of the tire has direct impacts on the safety, power performance and driving stability of automobiles. At present, all steel radial tires with features of good wear resistance and fuel-saving are gradually replacing bias rubber tires. It has achieved rapid development and has become the mainstream product in the tire industry. However, the safety and stability of the bead during the driving of all steel radial tires will seriously affect the performance and service life of the tire. Therefore, the calculation of the safety multiple of each part of radial snow tires is an essential part of the tire structure design.

2. The method for calculating the safety multiple of bead wire of all steel radial tires

A method for calculating the safety multiple of bead wire of all steel radial tires should include the following steps:

(1) Data of breaking force B of a single cord, the root number U of the bead wire, and the circumferential force F of the bead wire should be collected.

(2) The safety multiple of the bead wire is calculated by the following formula: Wc is the safety multiple of the bead wire, B is the breaking force of a single wire of the bead wire (N). U is the number of winding roots of the bead wire and F is the total circumferential force of the bead wire (N). The invention is more consistent with the actual water pressure blasting test value, the deviation is controlled within 5%-10%, and it has greatly improved the calculation accuracy.