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What are industrial tires?

1. Introduction of industrial tires

Industrial vehicles tyre is also called industrial tyre. Mainly used as pneumatic tires, semi-solid tires and solid tires for industrial vehicles. Among solid tires, those that are directly vulcanized on the wheel bed are called drilled solid tires; those that are press-fitted on the wheel after vulcanization are called non-knocked solid tires; those with a cylindrical bottom and fastened on the wheel bed are called cylinders. Solid tires; those with a tapered bottom and mounted on open wheels are called sloping-bottom solid tires; those with conductive rubber that can prevent static charge accumulation are called static solid tires; those made of oil-resistant rubber are called oil-resistant solid tires; those made of high-load elastomer materials are called high-load solid tires; those made of foamed elastomer materials are called sponge solid tires.

2. Applications of industrial tires

The application of industrial tires is relatively narrow, and the application environment is relatively single. Fork truck tiresmobile crane tires, loader tyres, etc. are commonly known industrial tires.

Industrial tires, also known as industrial vehicle tires, mainly include pneumatic tires and solid tires. Pneumatic tire explains itself by its name, and its structure is similar to common tires. Their appearances are largely identical but with minor differences. Here we mainly discuss solid tires. In industrial solid tires, those that are directly connected to the rim are reinforced solid tires; non-bonded solid tires are pressed on the rim after molding.

The above industrial tires are mostly used for small forklift tires, battery truck tires and small flatbed trailer tires in factories and warehouses.