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Features Of RE4DT OTR Tires

  • Optimized lug and groove design offers powerful traction, extended wear resistance and improved protection on belts:

    • The optimized lug angle delivers powerful traction and uniform groove depth provides constant traction throughout the whole life cycle;

    • Grooves stone ejectors pushes out the stones trapped in the grooves, and protects the belts from drilling damages;

    • The large and even contact area offers improved stability and operator comfort.

  • Extra impact resistance and load capacity enabled by reinforced tire architecture:

    • High tensile steel belts package built-in for better impact and puncture resistance;

    • Robust casing is designed for higher load capacity, and it makes the China OTR tyre retreadable, which optimizes tire investment.

  • Reinforced tread base and thickened sidewall for better cut and puncture resistance:

    • Super thick tread base is applied to increase the puncture resistance;

    • The square shoulder design pushes debris aside and protects the sidewall from cuts and damages.

Specifications of RE4DT OTR Tires

SizeStar RatingTRA CodeRimSection widthOverall DiameterTread DepthLoad Index & Speed SymbolType

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