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29.5R25 UTLA in an Aluminum Mine in Southwest China

Jobsite Description:

Because of high rainfall in all seasons and the soft road surface, there is heavy mud that could be as deep as 60-70cm. Under such road conditions, the tire must be designed to provide superior traction and flotation. In addition, after the mud is dried hard, the tires are exposed to wear as well as cuttings by the sharp stones in the soil. Hence, the tires shall offer great resistance to cuttings and wear.



Size and Pattern:29.5R25 UTLA;

Qty: 300 pcs, around half of the total consumption;

Life Cycle: 6000 hours in average, equal to the life cycle of products from M-brand, but total cost is 40% down.

Comments from customer: 

“Compared with other brands, UTLA offers excellent grip and lateral traction, and great cut resistance. The wear is even, and there are very few scratches.”