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What's the Difference between a Radial Tire and a Bias Tire?

Ⅰ. Different definitions of radial tire and bias tire

1. The cord arrangement of radial tire carcase is different from that of bias tire. The cord arrangement of radial tire carcass is not crossed with each other, but nearly parallel to the cross section of outer tire. Like the earth radial tire, the cord angle is generally 0 degree. In addition, the crown and sidewall are relatively independent, and the steel wire layer is usually added to the crown to enhance the anti puncture ability.

2. What is a bias tyre

Bias tire is a kind of old-fashioned structure tire.It is a kind of pneumatic tire that the adjacent layers of cord and buffer layer cross and are arranged at an angle of less than 90 degrees with the tread center line. The ply is the framework of the outer tire, which is used to maintain the shape and size of the tire.

Ⅱ. Different advantages of radial tire and bias tire

As one of the best OTR tire manufacturers, let us explain to you the different advantages of these two tires.


1. Radial tire has thicker crown, good wear resistance and low rolling resistance, and has longer service life than bias tire. At the same time, due to the effect of the beam layer, the grounding pressure distribution is more uniform, which improves the adhesion and reduces the sideslip phenomenon.

2. Bias tire improves the load carrying capacity of tire, has good longitudinal rigidity, and is suitable for driving on ordinary road.

Generally speaking, the concept of radial tire and bias tire is different, mainly on the structure.

In short, ply directions of radial tire and bias tire arranged differently. Bias tire means that the fillers inside the tire are crossed obliquely and overlapped. Later, with the development of technology, it is found that the arrangement method which is consistent with the meridian section of the tire instead of overlapping can also achieve non seperation.