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How to Avoid Abnormal Wear and Tear of Wheeled OTR Tire?

The wheeled OTR tire is often abnormally worn and torn in the course of use due to various reasons, which is undoubtedly a headache for the majority of machine friends. Now let Jiuxintai tell you how to effectively avoid these abnormal wear and tear.

1. Checking whether the OTR tire meets the standards or not.

Strictly abide by the OTR tire inflation standards. Checking whether there is air leakage in each part and checking the tire pressure regularly after inflation to ensure compliance with the standards.

Develop the habit of using a barometer to measure air pressure, which cannot be judged by the naked eye. Being sure that the wheeled OTR tire has a certain degree of elasticity, and when it bears the specified load, its deformation does not exceed the specified range, so as to ensure the vehicle has good stability and comfort during driving. The air pressure of the spare tire should be relatively high to avoid the air leakage after a long time.

2. The correct selection and installation of OTR tire

It is necessary to correctly select and install wheeled OTR tire as well as match with the corresponding inner tire according to the tire specifications. The tire assembled on the same machine should guarantee the same brand, the same structure and the same performance, if this point is not possible, the tire of the same brand, same specification, same pattern as well as same type should be assembled on the same axle. When replacing the new tire, the tires of whole vehicle or of same axle should also be replaced at the same time. The tire with directional patterns should be installed in the rolling direction as specified. When changing the new tire, the new tire should be installed on the front wheel and the repaired tire should be installed on the rear wheel. In order to ensure the driving safety, the retreaded tire cannot be used as steering wheel (front wheel).

3. Regularly carry out the tire rotation of the wheeled OTR tire.

After the vehicle has been running for a period of time, the front and rear tires will have different degree of fatigue and wear levels, therefore, the tire rotation should be implemented in time as required. There are two ways of tire rotation: cross transition method and round-robin method. The cross transition method is suitable for vehicles that often drive on roads with a large degree of camber, while the round-robin method is suitable for vehicles that often drive on relatively flat roads.

4. Control the tire temperature of wheeled OTR tire.

When the vehicle in the process of running, the tire generates heat due to the friction and deformation, which increases the temperature and air pressure inside the tire. When the tire temperature is very high, the method of deflation and pressure reduction cannot be used, and the tire cannot be sprayed with water to cool down, so as not to accelerate the damage of the tire. It should stop the vehicle in a cool place for a rest and continue driving after the tire temperature drops. When the vehicle is parked on the way and to the scene, it is necessary to develop the habit of safe glide. Also, it is essential to choose a flat, clean and oil-free ground to park, and each tire must land steadily. When the vehicle is out of service for a long time, wooden blocks should be used to support the frame to reduce the load on the tires. In addition, the vehicle cannot be parked on the spot when there is no air pressure in the tire, and the wheel should be jacked up.

5. Pay attention to the storage environment of OTR tire

Avoid storing the wheeled OTR tire near sunlight, oils, acids, combustibles and chemical corrosives.

All tires should be stored in a cool, dry and dark room and should be placed upright, it is strictly forbidden to lay them flat, stack them or hang them on strings, also, the storage period shall not exceed three years. If the inner tire needs to be stored separately, it should be filled with an appropriate amount of air and must not be folded, laid flat or stacked. When it is not stored separately, it must be placed in the outer tire and properly inflated.